Halla Bol Festival

Studio Safdar


We are really very happy to inform you that Janam’s new space was inaugurated on 12thApril 2012, Safdar’s birthday and National Street Theatre Day at 2253-E Shadi khampur, New Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi-110008 (See directions to reach above in the e-invite and also a Google Earth video).

24th Safdar Shahadat Divas

Puppet Cricket Match

“Counter lies with truth. ”



What have been the inroads made by the RSS into the media over the years?

Mehengai ki Maar

Bigots on the Internet


Beyond a Critique, Worth a Salutation


 Atul Pethe’s Satyashodhak, with real-life sanitary workers as actors, is by any standard a remarkable feat.



The Music of the IPTA in Assam



The World is a Stage; the People are its Players: The Music of the IPTA in Assam

Rāijei bhāoriya, deshei nāt ghar,
Kone ki bhāo lobā āhā samay je tākar.

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